RYVER R-Clear 2.0 3 Gallon Kit

RYVER R-Clear 2.0 3 Gallon Kit

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Clear epoxy resin specially designed to flow in thickness (river projects, molding, turning and more R-CLEAR is a solvent-free product (100% solid), so no shrinkage at the time of drying. interior without problems, since it does not emit any odor.

Highlights of R-Clear 
  - UV Protected 
  - Cures in 3-5 days
  - 2" pour depth 

It is recommended to mix the R-Clear by hand or if power mixing use a low speed. It is also recommended to use fans during the curing process to help keep the epoxy from overheating. 

Ryver Epoxy is a 2:1 ratio

**Changes from previous RClear**
Faster set time. 
The new formulation has much faster set time. 

The old formulation did not require fans. This one does. For any pours over 1.5" It is highly recommend to use fans or risk over heating, particularly in the summer or warmer environments. 

2" Thickness max. 
The new max thickness of a pour is 2". 3" is no longer possible. 

This resin (due to much faster set time) does not de-gas as good as the old one and requires either hand mixing or power mixing at low speed.

This new formula of R Clear is more cost effective!  


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