FT3JAN03 - Jointed top - 65"x36" - 2" Thick - BLACK WALNUT

FT3JAN03 - Jointed top - 65"x36" - 2" Thick - BLACK WALNUT

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65" Long, 36" wide, Dining table sized jointed top built from 3 slabs. Slabs used came from one log ensuring perfect color, tone and grain matching. 

- Slabs were KILN DRIED to 7% or less moisture level
- 2" thickness
- Festool dominos were used every 12" to strengthen the joint
- Dressed flat 100% on top side with 80%-100% on the bottom
- Exact dimensions of sections marked on the slabs
- Free of cupping, bowing or twist

Shipping Info
- The large 2" slabs/glue-ups can be shipped, but you must contact us for quotes and info. They will not show shipping options at check out. (They are too large for the automatic shipping to work). 
- If you have other items in your cart, this item will make the whole purchase "not qualify" for automatic shipping rates. 
- We are happy to ship these, but they will need to be freight shipped, and rates will depend on where you are located.
- We can also offer rough cross cuts in order to make pieces shorter which usually reduces shipping costs

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