Walnut Shorts (18" and under) -set of 10 boards

Walnut Shorts (18" and under) -set of 10 boards

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Introducing "shorts" boards! Mainly walnut. 1" thick. Lots in stock! Perfect for small charcuterie boards, or smaller epoxy or woodworking projects. Made from boards that hung around for far too long, - cracks, narrow undersides, too much sap or small unplanned areas might be present. Tons of life in them still for the right project.

Online purchasing : Sold in bundles of 10. A collection of 10 randomly selected short walnut charcuterie stock boards. 1" thick and various widths. 

1" thick, mostly walnut
Up to 14" wide
Between 10" and 18" long
4$ per board ($40 for the set of 10)

*Photo included is an example, not the exact set that will be received*

Max is 5 sets per order. Can make multiple orders.

*shorts are not part of sales on wood*